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Seurasin päivän ”Smart City” -kongressin valmistelua Expo maailman kongressin järjestelyinä ensi vuonna Barcelonassa. Forssa ja sen korkeakoulu, Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke) ja koko Loimijoen kampusalueemme on hyvin lähellä tätä teema ellei sen keskiössä. Se käynnistyi jo 1990-luvulla Loimijokiohjelmalla, levisi siitä rinnan agropolis- ja ekopolis strategian auttamana vetämään Euroopan yhteistä jokiohjelmaa (European Rivers Network) ja myöhemmin myös Kiinaan (Sustainable China). Nyt siinä on mukana myös Ekologinen klusteri ja innovaatiopolitiikka, hybridiyhteiskunta ja sosiaalinen media, sen talous ja strategia (kirjallisuus ks.

What is Circular about?
It is not an abstract concept anymore. The implementation of the action plan on Circular Economy, which is restorative and regenerative by design, ranks second among European Commission key political priorities for 2017 under the heading ”A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment”. For a good reason: today’s ‘take, make, dispose’ linear economic model is no longer sustainable. Moreover, cities can benefit from ‘circularity’ by increasing resource productivity, creating jobs and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, this new model requires fundamental changes throughout the value chain, from product design and production processes to new business models and consumption patterns, as showcased by the Blue Economy report. Challenges are considerable and frictions between the existing linear system and circular approaches are bound to arise. How can urban managers smooth the transition to a circular economy to provide cities opportunities for a new source of wealth?
Take a look at our co-located event Circular Economy European Summit to get further information on this topic.
What Circular Economy covers
blue economy
business model
closed loop
design for circularity
green industry
industrial symbiosis
job creation
low carbon
logistic for circularity
material flow
product as service
productive cities
regenerative system
resource efficiency
supply chain
urban mining
zero waste
Partners sharing their Circular Economy expertise
Global partner
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The core of the topic
What others say
Speakers talking about Circular Economy
Annerieke Douma
Director of Program and Business Development – Circle Economy – Amsterdam – NL
Mireia Cañellas
Head of the Sustainable Department Unit – Generalitat de Catalunya – BCN – Spain
Mohammad Mentek
Secretary General – Ministry of Urban Wellbeing Housing and Local Government – Putrajaya – Malaysia
Congress Sessions
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By Matti Luostarinen

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